Shafer Gallery Windows on campus



Dr. 卡尔Heilman亲爱的社区成员:

The Mission of 十大菠菜导航网址 is to offer exceptional and affordable learning opportunities supporting student, 社区, 员工的需求.

作为你们选出的官员, the 校董会 represents the ownership of the organization and is responsible to all stakeholders. To this end, the 校董会 is committed to achieving the mission of this College.

Barton's services are predicated on opportunity, access, responsiveness, affordability, and quality. We are privileged to provide education to students according to our service principles. As a member of the College 社区, you support college services and provide an important partnership in helping these students attain their educational and career goals.

Thank you for your continued support.

卡尔·R. Heilman, Ph值.D.

有兴趣了解更多? 查看我们的 Annual Report to the 社区!