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Meet Barton President Dr. 卡尔Heilman

Dr. 卡尔HeilmanDr. 卡尔Heilman于2006年7月被任命为十大菠菜导航网址县社区学院的第五任院长.  Within the first year and seizing the role as leader, 海尔曼有效地与董事会合作, 教职员工, community constituents, and most importantly, students of the college, 在应对多种机构需求和挑战方面.  In collaboration with all key constituent groups, 学院明确了自己的未来,并着手建立自己作为一个充满活力的机构的角色,而不受稀缺资源的限制, shifting state demographics, or cyclical financial and business trends.

在他的职业生涯中,Heilman在不同的角色和环境中取得了许多成就.  Prior to serving Barton, he was Campus President for Lincoln Trail College – Illinois Eastern 社区 College District; Vice President for Student 服务 and then Vice-President for Instruction and Student 服务 at Northland Pioneer College in Arizona; and Chairperson/faculty, Iowa Lakes 社区 College in Iowa. 

海尔曼通过长期规划和发展与其他教育机构的战略合作伙伴关系来领导机构的能力, 企业, 和行业, has fostered student access, higher education affordability, 大学的发展.  这些因素导致了前所未有的三年任期堪萨斯社区学院校长系统委员会主席.  在他任职期间, 并隶属于堪萨斯社区学院受托人协会, Kansas Board of Regents, and the Kansas Independent College Association, three noteworthy accomplishments were realized:  an implemented public higher education course transfer articulation process gained momentum; a public higher education reverse transfer model was introduced; and an agreement for reverse transfer was developed for both community colleges and the private college system. Under his steady guide, Barton has extended online learning options, generated diverse workforce training opportunities, 并扩大了对堪萨斯军事社区的服务. 

Dr. 卡尔Heilman testifies of Kansas higher education
Dr. 卡尔·海尔曼代表堪萨斯州高等教育机构为第一步兵师继续驻扎在堪萨斯州作证

十大正规网赌网址十大菠菜导航网址在支持陆军教育需求方面的影响, 海尔曼受堪萨斯州长军事委员会的邀请代表堪萨斯高等教育为第一步兵师继续驻扎在堪萨斯作证.  这是对2015年基地调整和关闭委员会对驻扎在全国各地的美军进行审查的回应. 

在海尔曼的领导下,财务问责一直是十大菠菜导航网址关注的重点.  Not only has Barton weathered decreased State funding; that is currently at the 2010 funding level, 但在连续12年不增加十大菠菜导航网址县纳税人的工厂税的情况下,将学生的经济负担降到最低. 由于精心的战略规划,学院的财务基础仍然稳固, adopted financial efficiencies, and technological enhancements

Educational background:

  • 爱荷华州立大学高等教育管理哲学博士
  • 明尼苏达州立大学公共管理专业文学硕士
  • 北爱荷华大学心理咨询硕士
  • 北爱荷华大学社会科学文学学士

Heilman’s wife, Sheri, is a lifelong educator.  They have two daughters and two sons.